I came to life this very instant. What an amazing feeling to be able to expand my tiny chest with pride and happiness for the first time, my new world is inside my mom. My mom and dad made me out of pure love. I’m the center of the universe. I’m perfect and innocent, free of sin. I wish I can continue like this until my last breath. 

I already believe in God because I know He made me. After all, He allowed my parents to create me. This is truly a miracle to suddenly appear in paradise, the most perfect place in the world . . . my mom’s womb. I’m the king inside my mom, spoiled with immense love, constantly fed, floating in space, and always protected. I will show her my love every day of my life. She gave me life and I will give my life back to her.

The job of a mother never ends. I will learn everything I can from my parents because in time I’ll be a father too. I need to repay the favor to my own children. I’ll keep that in mind at all times. All the love I receive I’ll transfer to my descendants. 

I’m a tiny human being. For now, my mom breathes for me, but my heart already beats. Maybe one day, if God allows, I will have my mom’s inner beauty.

I spend most of my time moving around in the comforts of this marvelous castle exercising my little arms and legs. My head is as big as the rest of my body. I can sense all of my mom’s feelings, I feel happy when she’s happy and agonize when she’s sad. 

It’s warm in here, peaceful and dark, but each passing day I see a little more light.

I just found out I can hug myself. I love to touch my skin. I just noticed I can put my thumb in my mouth. Oh, and I can touch my toes too!

I love it when mommy wakes up and goes to the window to show me the sun, the sky, and the trees. I can hear the birds sing and the dogs bark. When it rains, she tells me that millions of raindrops fall from the clouds and the grass gets wet, and all the land too. I love it when she describes all these things to me. I can’t wait to come out and see all these creatures and things God created for me. I enjoy it when she rubs her tummy and talks to me and explains the facts of life and begs me to be a good boy so I can gain access to paradise again.

When she listens to her lovely music and starts to dance I dance with her. She is indeed my most precious treasure, but the thing I love the most above all things in this universe is when she sings to me with her sweet voice. It sounds like a choir of angels. I adore you mom. I’m in a special place and I’ll never forget the unselfish love you give me every day.

Soon, I’ll look into her eyes and show her how much I love her.

I know the love I’ll give her for the rest of my life won’t be enough for what she’s done for me for the last nine months.

Visalia, Ca. Jan-26-2012