A nymphomaniac recycles her lovers as she sends them to hell one by one. Direction and Screenplay by Edmundo Barraza and Enrique Martin-Valdepeña. Based on a short story by Edmundo Barraza. 6:32 #ShortFilm#LIBIDO IMDB:… Don’t forget to subscribe.

My Soul to Keep

At their father’s funeral, two brothers claiming they ‘wished it had been me’ find themselves shocked when their wish is granted. They argue about who should be the one to really die until the grim reaper appears and they are forced to decide. Don’t forget to subscribe. 3:23 #MySoulToKeep #ShortFilm



Un hombre desesperado, el único que queda vivo en su familia trata de encontrar una manera de salir de su miseria. 10:46 #Collapse#ShortFilm#Lockdown#SubtítulosEnEspañol

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A desperate man, the only one left in his family, tries to find a way out of his misery. He saw the end approaching fast. He thought he owned his life, and he felt lonely. But no one is alone in this world. (made during lockdown) 10:46 #ShortFilm#Collapse#Lockdown IMDb —… — Don’t forget to subscribe.


Lucy knows she’ll break up with her possessive, jealous boyfriend soon. Maybe, after her next session with the group of women with paranormal abilities. Her unique skill is the power to see auras around people. 10:44 min. #ParanormalPeople#Paranormal#ShortFilm Don’t forget to subscribe.…

Paranormal People just received an award from Boden International Film Festival in Sweden.


An FBI agent interrogates a suspect of a political assassination. The accused shows more pride than remorse. Can White Supremacy be defeated by a single lone wolf? 5:39 Min. #AMERIKKKA#ShortFilm#Drama#Political#WhiteSupremacy IMDb —… Don’t forget to subscribe.

Award Winner from Beyond the Curve International Film Festival from France.

Keep Dreaming

“A man living in the US gets a visit from his ‘replica’. The man had emigrated decades before. His ‘replica’ remained in Mexico living an alternate life. Now he wants to find out about ‘his other life'”. The eternal internal question “what if”.

Filmed under ‘lock-down’ conditions. My son Carlos Barraza and I were forced to experiment and learn other areas of filmmaking. In other words, my son and I were the total cast and crew. 9:42 min.

The first version with English subtitles.

The second version with Spanish subtitles.

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Ghost O’clock

“An honest ghost hunter and an ambitious photographer try to catch a ghost on film to win a cash prize from a TV station.”  6:46 min. #ShortFilm #Ghost O’Clock

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