~~~ This is how my stream of consciousness would be on drugs. (I guess)

Squeeze my lemons 

trickle-down social insecurities 

third world project 

criminal justice injustice 

three strikes or a home-run prison system 

mutual terror 

bucket list priority destroy the world 

total absurdities 

my mother was a fish 

as I lay dying 

experiment stream of consciousness 

extreme mind fuck 

non-required grammar 

uncensored thoughts 

under subconscious and comatose dreamlike visions 

dormant and inert subliminal messages from the dark side 

both dumb and smart need not apply 

a comma here a period there 

absent and dismissed obsolete comprehension 

sent to hell 

they’ll laugh from there while others remain in heaven bored to death 

pitiful pride 

useless words 

inhumane humans 

voting against clueless republicans 

ignoring democracy 

conservative donkeys living in the past way in the past 

centuries behind 

implanting fear bible in hand 

frustrating progress 

preventing advance 

stampede of fools proclaiming preposterous promises 

while the opposition opposes most propositions 

cut to flashback to the future 

where non-existing scripts kept unedited in perfect literary freedom 

analyzed and approved with uneducated brilliance 

free flowing 

upstream rivers containing regrets that will get stuck 

by the stubbornness of indifference 

deviate back to my naked impure thoughts 

where people will always find meanness in the words 

offensive and crude 

the interior monologue never meant to be heard 

struggles to find the next line 

stolen by a ghostwriter 

wrestling to avoid a block that impedes his own free flow 

a conflict of minds trying to invade 

and plagiarize universal letters and words without legal ownership 

voicing internal feelings 

senseless emotions 

unobtainable dreams 

reserved only for exceptional persons with genuine talent 

that cannot be bought or taught 

eternal envy of simple minds 

abundant in a world of mediocrity 

where billions of people swim 

unaware of misery or wealth but happier than the rest 

conformism attracts health and joy 

stream of consciousness 

think and write whatever comes to mind 

unfiltered and uninterrupted 

unafraid of failure 

absent of objectives 

aimless freedom 

oblivious of pleasing results 

and disregarding unpleasant goals 

arrive without traveling see all without looking do all without doing 

and never become a pirate 

no end in sight 

no subject is forbidden 

except nonexistent exceptions 

majestic graffiti adorns the walls of a dark tunnel 

wasted space 

a desert on the ocean floor 

as might as well describe my organs too 

heart still palpitating 

reversal of misfortune 

tune for miss American imperialism capitalism colonialism

domestic love

universal hate 

continuous flow 

the stream found a dam 

unanswered dialogue 

voiceless speaker 

overheard thoughts 

one way conversation 

never boring and never clear 

I could go on forever until I die 

whichever comes first 

theories that violate logic 

a brilliant mind required 

with a bizarre succession of ideas 

the hell with logical sequence 

I lost my virginity to a whore 

this is totally inconsequential and irrelevant 

but that’s the point 

if an acquaintance is reading 

I guarantee this is fiction 

the rest of you consider it true 

you lose your virginity once 

did I mention you’ll never find it back?

question marked with a perennial tattoo inserted in the interior walls of my eyelids 

one thing leads to another 

resume the obsolete task of  building a lifetime of useless resumes 

describe your failures instead 

it’ll be more accurate 

nothing makes sense when you write an autobiography that belongs to someone else 

young and daring 

freedom loving fearless punk 

addicted to excesses 

school he flunked 

found love early

the free bird also found a cage 

never ending bliss decreased 

he then turned to rage 

lost is the name such accomplished ignorant 

no more crying I heard daughter downstairs indicating wise advice to kids

Edmundo Barraza Lancaster, Ca. 05-13-2016


Author: Edmundo Barraza

I was born in Mexico. I moved to L.A. in 1978. I became a USA Citizen a few years later. At the citizenship ceremony, I had to swear that I would fight against all foreign enemies (including Mexico) in favor of my new country. I beg God that never happens. I love music, Rock, funk, punk, soul, pop. Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Temptations, and all you can fit in between. Playing pool, listening to rock, and having a beer is great, but reading a book, writing a story, or watching a good film is even better. I hate guns, bad people, and evil leaders. I thank God I'm not a racist person. I hate all kinds of injustices. I love good people. I would give my life in a second to save any child. Children are the most precious thing in the world. My ultimate goal is to shoot a feature film based on one of my stories. Every day I work a little more to be able to reach that goal.

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